Yacht Charters in Cancun
Yacht Charters in Cancun. private Luxury

Yacht Rentals in Cancun

With Yacht Charters Cancun you can enjoy sunsets while cruising on a luxury yacht, and travel to an beautiful island to sunbathe

From: $270 USD

Catamarans charters in Cancun

Catamarans rentals in Cancun

Hire a wide catamaran to party and have more space for everyone on board. We also have luxurious ones

From: $300 USD

Yacht Chartes Cancun waverunners and watersports

Wave Runners & More in Cancun

If want more toys while relaxing in the island, why not renting some waverunners or wakeboard, paddle board etc

From: $200 USD

Yacht Rentals in Cancun

Yacht Charters Cancun

Yacht Charters Cancun

Yacht Charters Cancun Azimut 48 2014

Welcome to Yacht Charters Cancun

We have 9 year on yacht charters in Cancun. We own the Uniesse yachts here in Cancun, and administrate others directly. Our prices vary depending on how luxurious, big and new is the boat. From $150 USD to $1500 USD per hour.

We have mega yachts charters also. From 75 to 120 footage ones. Mostly Azimut ships. We hire boats in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum. Mainly departing from Cancun and Puerto Aventuras. Holbox is another place where we can take you to.

Yacht Charters Cancun sea ray 46Luxury Yacht Charters Cancun

To charter a yacht in Cancun you need to know first how much time you would need. To know this, we can tell you here what you need to know:

Yacht Charters Cancun    Places of interest to visit in Cancun by yacht charter

1.- Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres.Probable the best spot of the island. The best is to park next to the other yachts and chill. Having some beers and swimming around the other vessels is part of the day. Yacht Charters in Cancun will take care of you with beers, water and sodas all the time.

2.- Snorkeling in: El Meco reef, El Farito reef, MUSA, Cadenas reef, Manchones reef, Garrafon reef, La Amada sunken ship, etc.

3.- Garrafon. Reach this nice place with crystalline waters after cruising Isla Mujeres. Good for swimming and snorkeling

4.- Visit a restaurant with dock: there is plenty of delicious and gourmet restaurants along the women island’s coast. Such as: Villas Rolandis (sea food & italian),

5.- Marbella (caribbean seafood), Zama (international, it’s more a beach club), Chuk Kay (local sea food), Varadero (cuban sea food, taste the local “Tikinchik fish dish”)

6.- Sunset cruise by the lagoon. 2 or 3 hours with your couple or friends by the Cancun’s coast line of the hotel zone. Then we drop you off at a luxury restaurant in Cancun. Our customer’s favorites are: Porfirios (gourmet mexican food), Harry’s (international gourmet food), Puerto Madero (argetinian seafood and steak house), Lorencillos (lobster dinners), and much more other.

Yacht Charters in Cancun

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In case you are looking for a cheap boat charter in Cancun or Riviera Maya, let us know. We have plenty of these vessels, like this Regal 34 ft. (click on image to see it)

yacht charters in Cancun regal 34 feet

But a cheaper one could the Sessa 32 for $150 USD per hour. This looks more than a speed boat but it’s still a very nice option to charter.

Cheaper than that, a small boat charter is always a good choice to save up some bucks. The Tahoe 25 costs $600 USD for the entire day, 8 hours trip. Includes some beers, water and sodas, sailor, capitan and fuel. All boats and yachts include snorkeling equipment.



Mega yacht charters in Cancun are everyday more common, as high class tourism rises. The longest mega yacht in Cancun is a 120 footer, but it is very expensive, so it almost don’t get rented. The next in size is probably the one that is most rented of them all, the Azimut 100. This one costs 9,500 USD for the full day.

The Azimut 85 is also nice, and cheaper, but it has no that many toys as the 100 footer one. The 100 ft has 2 waverunners, jacuzzi, outdoors gas grill, fishing tender, wakeboard and ski equipment and chef. The Azimut 85 has only one waverunner and you have to pay extra for it.

But the best of them all, is the Azimut 85 2009, this is an airplane on the water. It’s got no toys at all, but you kind of don’t need any when you are having fun on its luxury. Everthing looks new. The luxurious flybridge with jacuzzi and marble finishes makes this yacht charter the best of Cancun and Riviera Maya.


Azimut 85 cancun yacht chartersWEDDING YACHT CHARTERS CANCUN

Yacht Charters Cancun also have special events on board big boats. Big boats charters for events in Cancun are every time more requested. For up to 300 people we have huge boats so you can organized a whole wedding in Cancun. Yacht Charters in Cancun gives you the catering for your event for an extra cost.

We can organize everything for you. From a single birthday party for 50 people on a luxury catamaran for $6000 USD, to a huge 200 people wedding for $25,000 USD. The maximum capacity for a luxury yacht for events is 30, on the azimr 100, but if you want luxury you could rent 2 or 3 yachts and make the ceremony on a platform in the middle of the yachts. Weddings on yachts in Cancun can also be on a beach and we can drive you there by boat.


big groups charters Cancunwedding yacht charters cancun






fishing yacht in Cancun rentalsBut if what you like most if fishing then we have the best vessels for you. From 1 to up to 17 people on board to go out and search for something good to eat from the sea. Fishing Yacht Charters Cancun offers cheap boats for rent starting from $450 USD 4 hours. We have the best fishing boat of them all, the Uniesse 48 fishing yacht, which is more for luxury trip but has all necessary equipment. Let us know what you need and we will provide it for you. There is a special fishing trip for fishing sailfish. There is a season we can catch it a little bit away from the island, to Contoy, in that direction. 

There is also spearfishing around the Riviera Maya zone. Let us know and we can give you that tour too.

Yacht Rental in Cancun and fishing charters

About diving on a yacht charter in Cancun, there are options. Not every yacht can take you to do diving, it needs permits. In Cozumel, the best spot in the planet to go scuba diving, we have a Sea Ray 60 for it. This yacht includes food and beers and we can go to El Cielo beach after the scuba diving. Let us know so we can quote it fro you.


YACHT CHARTERS IN COZUMELCozumel Luxury Yacht Rentals for Private Charter Sea Ray 60 Feet

In Cozumel there are no many yacht charters. The only one we have that actually departs from Cozumel is the Sea Ray 60. We can take you to “El Cielo” beach, the best beach at the south of the island, where crystalline waters await you. Before getting to El Cielo we can take you to snorkel in Columbia reef. This reef is very popular and with shallow waters to enjoy the fauna and corals. Other reefs are a little deep tp be able to enjoy them without scuba diving equipment.



If want to go to Holbox island by a boat charter, then a good idea could be to charter a luxury boat. This way you can cruise between Contoy island and the many outlets and beaches around that zone. You could try some fishing on your way to Holbox, but we recommend to go faster without fishing, as it’s a long way.

Yacht charter prices to Holbox can vary depending on yacht model, year and size. Normally a 48 footer could cost $3600 USD to go there and return the next day. It is not recommended to go and return on the same day. It takes 3-4 hours to get there, plus other 3-4 hours back to Cancun. You can’t go slow, these 3-4 hours time is running fast. You can stop and do something on your way to Holbox, like snorkeling, but you would be missing Holbox time.

If you want to do activities on your way to Holbox, i recommend then to but more days on the boat. Two nights in Holbox is ok. If want a bigger yacht, newer, it could cost up tp $6000 USD to charter it.

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